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Bobinas de arame de solda

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para o cabo de dados, cabos e fios, cabos RF, cabo de comunicação, cabo de alimentação, cabo de equipamentos elétricos, cabos de controle



We welcome cordially new and old customers to contact us for future business relationships and achieving mutual success!
Products kinds include: 
1)plastic spool for cable shipping,main material PP/PS
2)plastic spool for wire or cable production,main material ABS
3)steel drum for cable production or shipping:
300-3150mm (punching type/flat flange/corrugated type/double layer type)
for wire drawing/takeup/shipping and so on.
4)Plywood spool:
300-1000mm barrel can be PVC tube/kraftpaper tube/plwwood sheet
depend on different sizes.
5) cardboad spool
cardboard design or tinplate design
For spools, we can advise suitable spools according to cable od, meters in one bobbin and loading weight.

Dongguan Changhong Bobbin CO., LTD.

Contact: Carol Zhang

Tel.: +86 13925826167

Skype: changhongcarol

QQ: 759086141

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