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metal pequeno cabo carretel[ 2013-08-31 ]
fornecer bobinas de metal de diferentes tamanhos
bobinas de plástico preto[ 2013-08-31 ]
para o cabo de fio elétrico
Need simple assembled plastic cable reels Please check here.[ 2013-08-29 ]
The assembled spools are more easily used, convenient and practical, pp Rohs material
Cable packaging drum reel beige or black color[ 2013-08-29 ]
these spools are mainly for enameled wire,electrical cable, rope, etc.
kraftpaper spool for cable wire shipping[ 2013-08-29 ]
This kind of spool is more durable than common paper ones
We now developed many detachable spools reels for electric cable[ 2013-08-29 ]
The detachable spools are more easily used, convenient and practical, pp Rohs material
One of our paper spools with client's shoelace winded in it[ 2013-08-29 ]
Our paper spools are not only suitable for electric cable,but also perfect for shoelace,bandage or rope,etc.
china paper spools[ 2013-08-28 ]
custom size
carretel plástico para a produo de fio[ 2013-08-28 ]
flange 300-1000mm
3d filamento carretel[ 2013-08-28 ]
diferentes modelos
Bobinas de arame de solda[ 2013-08-28 ]
fornecer bobinas de diferentes tamanhos
bobinas de papel[ 2013-08-28 ]
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